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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Freestyle Massage

Bula Vinaka

I came across this classified advertisement in FijiTimes newspaper (29th May,2010). It really got my attention when I read its BOLD dynamic title. Now it makes me wonder how will this masseurs perform freestyle body massage. I'm having numerous imaginary images in my mind of freestyles. Was this a mistake or just another aimless act.
I guess this is some new technique been developed. Worth a try?


  1. In malaysia we have this too.
    But not in news paper.
    It says 969 body massage and honey massage..
    The poster of this advertistment is all over my house area.

  2. i was imagining more on the tracks of the action from the movie ip man..phew phew now that wat i wud like to see as a freestyle body massage...but ya this add does let ones imagination get bz..:)

  3. it is surely a freestyle massage.
    what that means is you make your own choice of whom to give a you freestyle massage. There's a choice to make between few pretty girls in there and they do a preety good job. But it always cost some dollars to get the real freestyle...$$$$ 70FJD